NutriSystem Weight Loss Diet

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NutriSystem weight loss program has been around for quite a long time. NutriSystem used to operate weight-loss centers but now exclusively offers online weight loss services. In addition, NutriSystem offers online counseling with expert certified nutritionists. They also offer expert counseling via telephone.

Is NutriSystem Weight Loss Program Safe?NutriSystem is unique in that NutriSystem is most notable for its prepackaged foods that are necessary to purchase in order to lose weight. Their foods can be quite costly and people often complain that there’s not enough food to eat. Subsequently, people tend to be still hungry and are prone to bingeing despite their best efforts. A more serious problem with NutriSystem is the amount of damage the company has suffered because of lawsuits filed by people who were medically damaged through NutriSystem’s food plan. Not only did people sue NutriSystem because of medical problems associated with their prepackaged foods, people were outraged at the astronomical pricing of the prepackaged foods. During the 1990s NutriSystem faced hundreds of lawsuits with allegations that the program created medical problems resulting in the loss of a client’s gallbladder. That year, approximately 800 lawsuits were filed against NutriSystem each claiming that the rapid weight loss increased the saturation of bile with cholesterol which contributed to the formation of gallbladder disease. Eventually the company filed for bankruptcy and later emerged as an online weight loss company in the 20th Century.

The NutriSystem Diet
What types of food can you expect to eat on NutriSystem and do their foods provide enough nourishment? For five weeks of food, the cost is 3.72. That’s a lot of money. Also, the average person only lasts 9.5 weeks. Then what? Then they have to go back to cooking their own foods, which is what they should be doing anyway. When a diet plan provides you with processed foods and doesn’t teach you how to go food shopping, learn the portion of a piece of protein, and cook your own food, it’s only setting you up for failure when left to your own devices. Although NutriSystem is easy enough for a man or woman to follow, in the end, it handicaps them because they will not learn the basics of nutrition, which is critical to not only losing weight, but to keeping it off permanently.

NutriSystem on eBay
Even though the actual food purchased from NutriSystem is extremely expensive, some people have resorted to selling NutriSystem prepackaged foods on eBay for half the price! I saw a NutriSystem meatloaf dinner (a package of 6) being auctioned for bucks. I also saw 2 weeks worth of chicken and beef dinners being auctioned off for .99. Here’s a steal someone is offering 191 NutriSystem meals (that’s about 2 months worth of meals) for 0 which is half the price! I didn’t know people could sell these items on eBay. But like anything else, if it can be sold, someone will find a way to sell it on eBay.