Using a Free Pill Identification Wizard for your Prescriptions Can Save Your Life!

Free Pill identification WizardPill Identification Wizards Explained: Simply put, pill identification wizards help you identify your pills. Because there are so many prescription drugs on the market today, it can be extremely easy to confuse them. There are only so many pill shapes and pill colors to go around, and many can be mistaken for one another. Also, companies can change the look of their pills at any time. You could have one prescription for a pale pink caplet one month, and the next time you have it filled, the same prescription could be a square purple tablet. Pill wizards give you a picture to compare your pills with, an imprint wizard that can be used to match up engravings on pills, as well as the name and description of the pill itself. Many wizards also list generic versions of the prescription and their other drug interactions. They can be purchased in book form, or they can be searched online.

Free Wizards Are Just As Reliable: Online guides have become the easiest and most up to date way to keep track of your prescriptions, and to make sure that you do not confuse them. An added bonus is that online wizards are free. While some people may not be confident that free wizards will give them accurate information, which could not be farther from the truth. The internet actually affords drug companies to supply drug information quicker and easier than ever. It may be easier to favor a hard copy book, but they can only be updated so often and there is a chance on of your prescriptions could miss the deadline.

A Great Number of Lives Have Been Saved By Using Wizards: There really are untold numbers of people who have avoided disaster by simply checking out pills before they take them. Whether it was a mistake at home, or something that happened in the pharmacy, they could have deadly consequences. With the addition of a free online guide or chart, the odds are greatly reduced that your pills could be confused. Confusing pills can have dire consequences.

It Pays To Keep Track Of Your Prescriptions: While even having just one pill that you are unsure of, there are many people with much greater odds of confusing their medications. Elderly people, for example, often have many prescriptions that they take every single day. They must be able to keep track of them and take them as directed. Doctors and pharmacists will provide much of the necessary information to keep drug interactions, allergic reactions and other problems at bay, but keeping a prescription wizard book or visiting a free online wizard is a backup that can catch any further mistakes. One general rule is that if you are unfamiliar with the medication, or it even looks strange or different, then you need to check it out. The difference between taking a pill that you are unsure of, and taking a pill that you know everything about could actually spell the difference between life and death.