Self hypnosis: free techniques and tips

Technique Self hypnosis FreeSelf hypnosis: tipsHypnosis is a subconscious condition in which the objective manifestation of the mind are more or less inactive, accompanied by abnormal sensibility to suggestions made by the hypnotist. It is generally characterized by a heightened sense of suggestibility. Self hypnosis is exactly the same thing except the fact that the trance like state induced is done through your own powers of suggestibility on your own mind. Technique of self hypnosis; firstly you need to sit yourself in a comfortable position. The setting should be quiet and you should be sure that there isn’t going to be a source of disturbance for at least half an hour. People prefer to lie down as it is easier to fall asleep prostate, anyway the important thing is to not cross any part of your body and be sure it is comfortable as you could find yourself in the same position for a long time. Now close your eyes and relax, rid your mind of all fears and inhibitions , in the initial stages it is difficult to maintain this blank state of mind, don not try and force blankness just let them dissipate naturally by not giving them importance. Start to feel your body concentrating on your breath and the tension in your body. Imagine this slowly vanishing, visualize each part becoming lighter and lighter with reduced tension, starting with the lower limb work upwards until each and every part feels loose and relaxed. Breathing should be deep and slow with all negativity vanishing with exhalation and brightness returning with inhalation. Once in this extremely relaxed state, appreciate it and imagine yourself a top a 10 flight staircase, imagine every minute detail of this setting , and set yourself up to start descending the staircase. Descend counting backwards and picture each number as you do so. As the process lingers on you will find yourself drifting further into the state of relaxation, keep counting and descending, once at the bottom feel happy and relaxed and roll your eyes into the back of your head to induce the trance.Now you can begin the therapy. Address each query but in the future tense. No negative statements should be made, use reinforcing statements like I am thin and beautiful , I am successful and happy. Repeat the statements to your self till you achieve the sense of satisfaction. Once your satisfied begin your journey up that very staircase and count forwards this time. When you reach number 10 you will start rising back to wakefulness remain relaxed and calm. Once the ascent is over give yourself a few moments before waking and opening your eyes. Finally tell yourself wide awake wide awake out loud and you will find yourself in the conscious state again, refreshed and relaxed.These methods of auto suggestion practiced in self hypnosis are highly effective in treating conditions such as depression and low self esteem. The power of positive thinking goes along way. There have even been suggestions and research that have shown people going through weight loss purely through the power of self hypnosis and auto suggestion.