Samuel Merritt:; and college of nursing in Oakland

Oakland Samuel merritt CollegeSamuel Merritt: Dr. Samuel Merritt was very successful and famous physician of the mid to late nineteenth century, he lived from 1822 to 1890 and was based out of the city of San Francisco. He went on to also become the mayor of Oakland California, and held the position from 1867 to 1869. He was originally from Maine but moved to California, he bought land near what is now known as Oakland in around 1852 and eventually moved there by the year 1863. In the year 1867 he ended up donating almost 155 acres that is approximately 627,000 square meters of damned tidal water from the head waters of the Indian slough. This was eventually known as Lake Merritt. He eventually wanted a hospital and a nursing school to be built in his name and left plans for the completion of the project. The dream of Dr. Merritt was realized, when eventually the Samuel Merritt College and Merritt Hospital were built and completed. The hospital and college were functional and opened there doors to students and patients alike in the year 1909, long after the death of Dr.Merritt. he is buried in mountain view cemetery in the city of Oakland.The Samuel Merritt college which was founded in the year 1909 as a nursing college. It is now a full accredited health and science institution based in the city of Oakland in California. The college offers undergraduate degrees in the fields of nursing and graduate degrees in field ranging from nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy and physician assistants. The baccalaureate nursing program offered by the Merritt college is given in conjunction with the Saint Mary college of California in Moraga. the Samuel MerriTT college is an affiliate of the Sutter health network and Alta bates summit medical center. The college has the distinction of being the only provider of physical and occupational therapists and physician assistants while also being the largest producer of certified nurses in the greater east bay.The history of the college is rich and has a proud legacy. It was founded in memory of the late Dr.Samuel Merritt. He was dedicated physician, architect, ship builder, and civic engineer and planner. His legacy has been etched into the history of the city of Oakland. Dr.Merritt himself left plans for the college and hospital and his eventual dream was realized in 1909 after his death. In recent years the college has increased its enrollement from a mere 147 students to a staggering 700 graduate and undergraduate students. Now with the initiation of a Master physician assistant program in the year 1999, the first of its kind entry level physician assistant program in the state, and also with the establishment of the Podiatric medicine school it has become a premier institution for graduate and undergraduate study. Apart from this expansion new programs in health sciences have also been launched. It is a multi ethnic and multicultural college attracting students not only from America but around the world.