Pure Green Coffee Bean Supplement for Rapid Weight Loss

Losing weight has never been easier since the discovery of green coffee bean supplement extract. Proven to increase metabolism and speed fat loss after the results of a university of Scranton study of twenty two obese individuals, not only did the subjects lose at least 17 lbs.on average over the course of 22 weeks, each decreased their body fat by a whopping 16 percent.

Incredibly,the volunteers in the study ate around 2400 calories per day, none of which could be considered diet friendly, yet still lost weight and lowered their blood pressure. The main ingredient found in raw green coffee beans but not in roasted coffee beans, is chlorogenic acid. This natural compound breaks down fat and balances blood sugar,in addition to assisting the body to burn its own stored fat.

Although pure green coffee bean supplement extract is on the approval list of Dr.Oz and may eventually lead to the end of obesity in America, proponents still advise consuming fresh fruits and vegetables along with leaner cuts of beef and performing mild exercise to achieve optimal health benefits.

It’s important to remember that due to its popularity, fraudulent companies have opened up online businesses in order to cash in on green coffee bean supplement sales, but their products are as fake as they are. Check the company’s name, website, reviews and ingredients before purchase.

Green coffee bean extract comes in capsule form with doses of 400 and 800mg. It is preferable to take either four of the 400mg capsules four times a day or two of the 800mg capsules two times daily with a full glass of water at least 30 minutes before each meal. Within the first week,pounds will begin disappearing, energy will increase along with a sense of well being and clothing will be loose as inches are shed. Never again will anyone wishing to lose excess pounds need take dangerous prescription or over the counter drugs with their negative side effects.

In addition to weight loss, if it’s powerful antioxidants you’re after, a healthy immune system, energy to spare, no strict diet plan nor protein diet drink and an affordable, effective and safe remedy overall, then pure green coffee bean supplement extract is the one to choose.