Pregnancy hemorrhoids need treatment during and after the pregnancy, especially if bleeding is present

After Pregnancy hemorrhoids DuringPregnancy Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy: It is almost certain that a woman will acquire pregnancy hormones during her pregnancy and the actual birth. A lot of strain is placed upon that area of her body. First of all, she is carrying around the extra weight. Second, the natural birthing process is enough to make anything not want to be the same ever again, so it’s no wonder that hemorrhoids develop after all of the strain that is placed upon the body. There is also the fact that a woman encounters constipation frequently during pregnancy. This is also a cause of pregnancy hormones during pregnancy. Another contributor is the raised progesterone levels within the female’s body. This is due to the fact the veins become relaxed, which allows them to swell at greater ease.

Pregnancy Hemorrhoids after Birth: Even during the pregnancy, it is important to work on pregnancy hemorrhoids relief so that they will be less severe after the birth. It is difficult enough to have to take care of the baby, much less have to deal with hemorrhoids. However, it can be difficult to take care of them during the pregnancy, so you need to know how to care for them afterwards. Many of the treatment methods you can use are the same as when you are pregnant. The only difference is whether or not you can take medication for pain, swelling, etc. If you’re breastfeeding, then it may not be suggested that you take medication, but there are some home treatments that you can use that are quite effective.

Pregnancy Hemorrhoids Treatment: It is best to catch pregnancy hormones early, which means during the pregnancy as soon as they are noticed. This is done by applying ice to area in order to reduce any swelling. This will also make life a little more comfortable, especially with a baby in tow. You also want to do sitz baths. These are done by filling the bathtub up with warm water and sitting in that water for about 15 to 20 minutes. This can be very soothing and it is possible to add bath salts to make the bath even more comfortable.

Furthermore, keep the area as clean as possible. After every bowel movement, you will neat to wash the area. Before washing, use moist towelettes to wipe the area before washing. Make sure they don’t contain any perfume because that will simply irritate the pregnancy hemorrhoids. They should also not contain any alcohol to avoid any burning that may occur.

Pregnancy Hemorrhoids Bleeding: If there is bleeding occurring, at home remedies may not be as effective. You may need to speak with your doctor regarding further treatment. You also want to refrain from over the counter medications because you don’t know what effect that could have on the baby. A doctor will know what sort of options are available to you and may even be able to suggest more treatments you can do at home, such as creams and ointments to treat the hemorrhoids. They may even go as far as tying small rubber bands around them to strangle them so that they will come off and the doctor will treat them from there.