Power Juicer-Secrets unlocked

Lalanne Power juicer JackPower juicer ; Jack Lalanne and green mixersA power juicer has been around for mare than half a century, they were invented by Dr. Norman Walker in the year 1930. It is basically a mechanical device that initially used to be operated manually but now can also be operated electrically. A juicer as the name suggests extracts juice from fruits, vegetables and greens. A common mistake consumers make is to mistake a kitchen blender for a power fruit juicer, the difference between the two is not only aesthetic but also functional and mechanical as the power juicer will always have some sort of a system to separate the pulp from the fruit, whereas a blender would blend them all together. Different juicers work in different ways but have the same basic principle governing them. Some newer types of juicers have systems that include centrifugal juicers, masticating juicers, manual press juicers, single auger juicers, dual cage auger juicers and twin press juicers. The centrifugal juicers are one of the oldest forms of juicers and have simple mechanics which involve a shredder and strainer that eventually separate the pulp from the fruit and all you are left with eventually is fruit juice. The newer centrifugal ejection models have the basic operating principle same as those of the older centrifugal juicers, but the ejection juicers have a basket with slanted sides which make it a dream to clean, the drawback with them being that they are lot noisier than others. But on the whole we can say that these juicers are extremely user friendly and the maintenance required is almost nil. The masticating types have a slower motor with fewer rotations per minute that masticates the fruits. Then there are the manual fruit juicers these incorporate a press and you manually mash the fruit to produce the juice. Researchers are of the opinion that these juicers are the healthiest forms as they do not allow for any oxidation of the fruit and hence retain more of there antioxidant qualities and are the healthiest option for you and your family. Sitting at home people inadvertently tend to see these infomercials or tele marketing programs where they demonstrate how these newer juicers are revolutionary and hype them up out of this world. Let me now explain what this juicer hype is all about specially these newer Jack Lalanne juicers.Jack lalanne is a motivational speaker and a fitness freak, and he is of the opinion that drinking fresh fruit juice using fresh fruit is the most healthy alternative to drinking bottled juices or aerated drinks, and will eventually save your life. Jack lalanne from what we know is probably also right about his assertions as the energy and youthfulness that the man possesses at the age of 91 is exceptional and makes one think more than once. Lallene asserts that juicing fruits promote a healthy body and have sufficient calorific value in addition to all the antioxidants that your body needs to function healthily for long periods of time. They promote immunity and keep you free from diseases and other debilitating ailments. Ofcourse juice is no miracle worker and you will need to exercise regularly but it is great start to your newer healthier life.