Pilgrim State Hospital on Long Island

Island Pilgrim state Hospital

Pilgrim State Hospital: For those that may be in need of help, the Pilgrim State hospital is well known for its ability to serve the community. The hospital is more formally known as the Pilgrim Psychiatric Center. Here, you will find perhaps the best resources available for local patients. This is a state run psychiatric facility. That means that the state’s government provides much of the financing for patients, though there are stipulations on who can be admitted to it. The hospital is located in Brentwood, New York. One of the most notable things about this hospital is that when it was opened, it was the largest hospital of any type around the globe. While the hospital is much smaller now than it used to be, the initial size of the hospital never faced a challenge by any other facility in the world.

Pilgrim State Island: In order to understand what Pilgrim State was, it is important to look at why it was needed. Due to the incredible overcrowding of mentally ill patients during the early 1900′s, it became necessary for the government to find another solution. To do so, they looked to rural portions of Long Island. There, they built what was later called “farm colonies” where mentally ill patients would be able to stay and live, while working the land as a treatment program. The type of treatment was considered acceptable since the areas were low key and relaxing. Several other facilities were similar to Pilgrim State, including the Kings Park State Hospital and Central Islip State Hospital. Each of these helped to provide a home, medical facilities and more to those who lived in the state.

Pilgrim State Psychiatric: What truly make Pilgrim State unique was how it was set up, managed and just how large t was. The facility was originally on 1000 acres of land. It was constructed in 1930 ad contained a virtual city including police and fire departments, a post office, a power plant, a cemetery, homes for doctor and psychiatrists, courts and a complex underground tunnels for utilities. It provided facilities for more than 13,870 patients at one time. The facility was in use heavily and eventually it too became overcrowded.

Pilgrim State Center: Today, the location is completely different from what it was. Throughout its history, especially after World War I, the facility was used in various forms. The two adjacent centers were closed and today, Pilgrim State is the last of the state asylums on Long Island. New medical treatments including medications have made this type of treatment no longer necessary. The facility is open and being used, but its future is undecided. Most of the other structures have been abandoned or were demolished. It is estimated that only about one third of the original facility is still available and being used. There is a museum on the site, which depicts the facility over the years, providing detailed accounts of what this facility was like and the good that it provided to the individuals staying here.