Humans tend to be sexual creatures by nature, though this isn’t always true. Asexual people don’t experience sexual attraction, and while they may have a sex drive, it isn’t directed towards any particular object of affection. On the opposite end of the spectrum are those who are ravenously promiscuous. Indeed, sex addiction is a crippling problem for a lot of people around the world, leading to the destruction of relationships, careers and more.

There are also those who find it hard to experience pleasure during sex, or rather, their ultimate pleasure. You see an expansive array of medications and devices to help men with impotence, but the same cannot be said for women. A surprisingly large percentage of women find it difficult to achieve orgasm, and an even greater number find themselves generally unsatisfied with their sex lives. Some have never been able to orgasm at all, intimacy becoming more of fixation for the man than the woman.

Indeed, a lot of men have a tendency to be selfish in the bedroom. Instead of putting the wants and desires of their partner first, it’s always about their own personal fulfillment. This mindset isn’t precluded only to the bedroom of course. It has a tendency to funnel into all aspects of life for the couple.

OneTaste seeks to counter this state of being by giving women the tools to seek and command their own pleasure. It’s an organization that utilizes group therapy techniques to get people in touch with their most intimate side. While it’s primarily targeted towards women, it’s open to men as well. Anyone who wishes to open themselves up to new ways of viewing their sexuality may join, and the hope is that one walks away with a deeper understanding of both their body and mind.

Of course, you have to be feel comfortable enough with the idea of connecting with a stranger in a sexual way, which will most certainly turn off a lot of people. However, it’s important to realize that the environment and therapists involved are very professional, and that there is no reason to feel ashamed of making one of the most basic human connections.

What’s excellent about this organization is that they don’t utilize any kind of drug or stimulant, it’s all about taking a wholly healthy and natural approach. If the program proves to be for you, you’ll most certainly benefit in ways you’d never imagined before.