Norton Anti Virus Definitions: Download Updates for Optimal Protection

Anti Virus definition NortonVirus Definition: Why Should I Have an Anti-Virus Program?: It’s simple; in this day and age, nearly everyone on earth owns a computer and surfs the internet. Those who don’t own computers go to internet cafes, libraries, or friend’s houses. The internet has become one of the most important things in our lives, we use it to communicate, network, simplify our banking, pay bills, order goods, etc. All of these things include a transfer of some of your most sensitive information. While the internet is used for so many good things, there are also people out there who choose to use it for criminal activity. Hackers can use viruses and other malware programs to steal that personal information from you, and use it without your knowledge. Viruses can also cause your system to run slower or even crash, causing intense frustration, especially if you are in the middle of something important when it happens. As a result, having an anti-virus program on your computer is absolutely vital when catching potential hackers and malware can ensure the safety of your information and the optimal function of your computer system.

Virus Definition: How Do Programs like Norton Work?: There are many anti-virus programs out there, perhaps the most popular being Symantec’s Norton and McAfee. However, there are plenty to choose from and you are sure to find the perfect program to fit your needs. They all work basically the same, but as an example, Norton anti-virus has a vast virus database, and your computer is scanned at agreed upon times, or anytime a risky file, email or page is opened, or if someone tries to access your system remotely. The scan is done and any virus that is found can be quarantined to keep it from spreading further. Each company has its own virus removal, whether it is already incorporated into the program itself, or if you have to download further tools for assistance. Regardless, it is a way to make sure no file is left unturned, and any hidden virus or threat can be found before it is able to do any damage.

Virus Definition: Why Are Updates So Important?: Unfortunately, hackers are intelligent, and there are new viruses, Trojans and worms being produced constantly. When you download or purchase an anti-virus program, even though the virus database is bound to be extensive, it only includes known threats up to that point. All the virus protection in the world cannot help your computer if it doesn’t know what it’s looking for. If the virus attempting to gain access into your computer has not been loaded into the virus database, it could pass right through any filter and wreak havoc. That’s why it is so important that whichever program you choose, such as McAfee or Norton, updates are done to ensure your computer is safe.

Virus Definition: How Do I Download Updates?: Fortunately, most anti-virus programs have a built in update ability, and will add new virus definitions and threats to the database whenever they become known. Most will even alert you to the fact that a new definition has been added.