Natural, At Home and Self Remedies to Move Things Along

Home Labor induction NaturalNatural Labor Induction Methods: You’ve counted down the days and months. You’ve discussed your birthing plan. You’ve practiced your breathing. You’ve cleared your schedule. You’ve purchased the baby stroller, baby cradle, diaper genie, baby monitor and every other baby product on the market.

You’re ready. It’s been nine long months. But you’re finally ready.

Unfortunately, the baby is not. You’ve overdue, overtired and over the entire pregnancy. You want that baby out, no matter what.

This is where labor induction comes in.

At Home Labor Induction Remedies: Labor induction is a safe and natural do it yourself method for inducing labor. It is not as simple as wham- the baby is ready to come now. In fact, it may take several different methods and tries to induce labor. It is important to keep in mind that there are several reasons why the baby is late. Remain patient and in control of the situation.

Although none of these labor inducing methods are 100 percent, many women have found success with these simple, yet effective methods.

At Home and Self Labor Induction Remedies : 1. Sex: it’s fun, it’s free and it’s suggested to work. There are many studies for and against sex as a labor inducing method. Sex is not dangerous to you or the baby so it may be worth a shot. It has been suggested that semen can help stimulate the labor and that, when a woman experiences an orgasm, she produces the labor hormone, oxytocin.
2. Spicy Food or Curry: Grab your husband and make a mad dash to your local Indian restaurant. However, keep in mind that spicy food can also cause indigestion, not something you want on top of the contractions.

3. Homeopathy: this can include induction massage, acupuncture and acupressure. These treatments can help you relax and stimulate labor. However, always consult a naturopath before undergoing any of these treatments.

Apart from sex, you can also try these non-medical labor inducing ideas from the comfort of your own home.

Nipple stimulation is meant to also produce oxytoxin. Use your fingers or a breast pump for 20 minutes or so. Or, go for a walk, or climb stairs. Just don’t overdue it.

Castor Oil and other Controversial Remedies : Castor oil is a controversial method of labor induction as it can cause diarrhea in both the mother and the baby. While some suggest this helps move the labor along, others suggest it simply becomes too messy. Talk to a doctor before consuming castor oil either straight or in orange juice.

Black Cohosh is another controversial herb that should only be used in early labor. Consult a naturopath before considering black cohosh.

Cytotec is another controversial labor inducing method which is given at the hospital during early labor. To move things along, some pregnant mothers opt to take this small cytotec pill that is meant to ripen a woman’s cervix.

No matter which labor inducing method you choose, always consult your doctor to get the all clear. Don’t get mad or frustrated with the baby (take on it out on your husband instead). Try to keep yourself busy and relaxed. After all, once the baby comes, there will be no more time for relaxation.