Lutheran hospital of Indiana Fort Wayne

Advocate Hospital lutheran GeneralLutheran hospital of Indiana Fort WayneGeneral information about Lutheran hospital. This is a 204 bed facility targeted towards acute care. The hospital offers sophisticated equipment and technology along with the latest and most advanced medical care. The staff is as well trained as in any other high profile institution and the medical care provided here is one of utmost intimacy and friendliness. The institution provides the patients with leading-edge and the most modern treatments available, it is an advanced research facility with specialties in fields such as general surgery, orthopedics, neurology, spinal injuries, along with psychiatric care as well as behavioral health. Chronic wound care with a dedicated staff and intensive care units are also available in the hospital. The hospital maintains the highest level of expertise and excellence in the specific specialty and also retains the sense of absolute comfort and personal care of a community hospital. It is a hospital located in the rejuvenated and vibrant city of Ohio and is conveniently placed in association to downtown Cleveland and the city centre. Providing the attendants ample opportunity for entertainment and shopping in the area.Why we advocate the Lutheran hospital. The Lutheran hospital in Indiana Fort Wayne also delivers the highest quality adult and geriatric behavioral health treatment. Patients are also offered an intensive mood disorder outpatient program specifically engineered for people suffering from depression and other mood disorders along with other psychiatric disorders. The orthopedics department and the spinal institute also excel in there own specialties. Offering comprehensive solutions to musculoskeletal disorders and injuries, as well as maintaining a pain management centre. The pain management centre of the hospital offers treatments for many chronically painful diseases such as back, neck, bone and joint pain. Neurological disorders of various natures along with the extremely painful ones such as shingles and trigeminal neuralgia are also treated with the utmost expertise and care. We make it a policy at our hospital that the patient comes first. The center’s main aim is to alleviate or ease pain in a patient, if not a possibility we make it our goal to teach the sufferer techniques needed to deal with the debilitating condition and to lead normal and productive life. Along with all these the centre also has an urgent care unit which is sort of an emergency room. This place offers treatment for any acute condition but does not pose an imminent threat to ones life. This is located at the Ridge Park square. The sleep centre at the Lutheran offers help for people suffering from insomnia, sleep apnea, narcolepsy and other related sleeping disorders. The urology centre offers individualized treatment for all urological conditions such as prostate and kidney problems as well as bladder incontinence and infertility. All in all the Lutheran hospital is an excellence personified institute with the most capable and able staff to tend to all your health care needs. Along with the latest equipment and the newest research the hospital also offers a friendly and unintimidating atmosphere for the patient and his family members. It is a place where you can come and be sure you will be taken care of.