Light therapy provided by a blue infrared light from a light box can be an effective way to cure depression

Blue Light therapy BoxLight Therapy Using A Light Box: Not only is light therapy being used more frequently, the ways to use light treatment are getting easier too; patients can now use a light box in their own home. A patient suffering from acne can avoid the pain and trauma of the acne treatment in a dermatologist’s office. A doctor may prescribe different colors of light therapy for specific periods of time. . While the light box is an expensive product it more that pays for itself in the saving of office visits and medications.

Blue Light Therapy Can Aid In Healing: Scientists have discovered that our bodies are composed of every single color in the light spectrum. By using a light therapy product that beams intense color to the area of your body that needs healing, your body instantly begins reacting in an incredibly positive way and begins stimulating compounds that accelerate healing even further. These products usually employ LED lights, infrared lights, or even a laser. For instance a patient may use the blue color light because it is an aid in killing the bacteria that causes acne, and then combine that treatment with the red color light treatment to aid in rejuvenation of skin cells. Even emotional states such as depression or just being sad can be alleviated with different forms of light therapy.

Infrared Light Provides the Key to Light Therapy: Monochromatic infrared light is proving to be very effective in releasing nitric oxide into the bloodstream; and patients are exhibiting better circulation and blood flow, reduced pain and the healing process is also improving. Because of their ability to produce such intense healing light, products using infrared light are some of the most popularly used today, and are an affordable way to treat a myriad of conditions. Everything from the winter blues that so many of us suffer from each year, to the most severe cases of acne that have seen no relief from any other treatment. This is also great for people who either have trouble taking medicine, or simply do not want to.

Light Therapy Using LED Lights Can Even Help You Turn Back the Clock!: Recently it has been discovered that along with all of the other fabulous effects of light therapy, LED light lamps can dramatically tighten aging skin, increase circulation and tone, even out age spots, uneven pigmentation and freckles, and even stimulates fibroblast activity in the skin’s cells, which works to increase the amount of elastin and collagen that are produced. These are the proteins that are responsible for keeping your skin’s elasticity and tone and is slowly lost over time when we age. LED light treatment for skin rejuvenation is safe, gentle, non-invasive, comfortable and relaxing, and its benefits have been documented in over 2000 scientific reports. Another great thing about LED light therapy is that there is absolutely no down time. Treatments can be done during your lunch hour, and it may only take a few days to notice results!