How We Got Help With Our Gambling Addiction

Me and my partner were addicted gamblers. We couldn’t figure a way to quit our nasty habit. It was a terrible toll on both of our lives. Every weekend, we would drive to Las Vegas and try our hands at the Craps table, Roulette table, and poker table. We drove up from Reno, the biggest little city in America. It was hard for both us growing up in Reno where they had lots of casinos throughout the city. Even in high school, we were thinking about gambling. When we burned turn 21, we started gambling extensively. It didn’t help that we were both partners, and we both liked to gamble a lot. We were bad encouragements to each other, and we always try to get the other one to use his latest or last week’s paycheck to start gambling. It was terrible when we couldn’t even pay our grocery bills and had to keep gambling just to keep our addiction alive.

Finally, after ten years of dating, we decided it was time to get some gambling addiction help. We went to a professor, and he told us to go to a gambling expert. Apparently, there are gambling psychologists that will help you with your addiction. Even if you have psychological addictions to things like gambling, there are still ways to treat it. There are cognitive-behavioral tricks that can make the whole process of getting better from gambling easy. You can actually have your mind trained to get rid of the fears that stoke your mind of what would happen if you stopped gambling. Some people have thoughts in the back of their minds that make them want to gamble or else they think something bad might happen. They start to get the shivers and shakes and fear the worst if they don’t just walk up to that gambling table. Our psychologist taught us how to get over these fears, and he helped us master our own fears so that we would be better at controlling our needs to gamble. The urges were there, but we learned to master them, and we did so with the help of a gambling psychologist. It wasn’t long before we were getting in-depth treatments with him because his work was so good and powerful. We were also recommended to another psychologist who tried other tricks that helped us get our gambling addiction under control once and for all completely.