Hershey medical center-history and services offered.

Penn Hershey medical CenterHershey medical center Penn State MiltonIt was established in the year 1963 when the M.S Hershey foundation made a donation of 50 million USD to Penn state for the establishment of a medical school in Hershey. With this 50 million and an additional 21.3 million from the U.S public health services, the university of Pennsylvania managed to build a medical college, along with a teaching hospital and research center. The ground breaking for the institution too place in 1966 and the Penn state medical college hosted its first class of students in 1967 while the Penn state Milton Hershey medical centre admitted its first patients in the year 1970. The initial buildings consisted of the Medical science building and medical center, Animal research farm and a laundry and steam plant along with the university manor apartments. Now the campus stands at an area of almost 555acres. In 2004 the medical center set up an emergency medicine residency program in association with the Pinnacle Health and Harrisburg hospital. Medical students of the Penn State college have in time gone on to become world renowned in there particular fields as physicians scientists or surgeons. The college of medicine as of may 2001 has managed to graduate 2,808 physicians and 598 scientists with P.H.D’s .; the institution differs a whole host of degree programs such as: Anatomy, biochemistry, cellular biology, molecular biology, genetics, integrative biosciences, microbiology, immunology, physiology, pharmacology, neurosciences and bio engineering. Apart from all these the university also offers two post doctoral programs that award the candidate with an M.S at the completion, these are in the fields of laboratory animal medicine and health evaluation sciences. Every year the institution awards degrees to 360 different residents graduating from there. Physicians as well as nursing programs are constantly held at the Penn State medical college. The college has enrollments of over 21,500 annually as well as more than 20,622 patients are cared for in the inpatient department and more than 524,411 are consulted in the outpatient departments. Penn state childrens hospital is the only institution serving departments of pediatrics and neonatology in in the state of central Pennsylvania. The pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) at Penn state children’s Hospital has received the highest ratings for its medical trauma and surgical care provided to patients. The PICU at the Penn state ran among the top 5 consistently in the united states of America. The hospital is leader in several specialties including pediatric oncology, pediatric cardiology, pediatric surgery and neonatal care, the hospital in itself houses upwards of 120 beds and treats more than 125,000 patients a year.