Herb Lavender: Grow, Use, Fragrant and More

Use Herb lavender GrowHerb Lavender Grow: For those who love the herb lavender, grow it inside your home. Lavender can be grown indoors or in a garden. This herb is unique and very much versatile. It can be in use in cooking or as a houseplant. You can also keep it around for its great fragrance. Before you get started with that process, though, you will need to get the plant growing. You can grow it from seed or purchase a small plant. The first thing is to get the soil right. You will need to have a quality, nutrient rich soil that drains well. This plant favors a low acidity level. The plant also prefers heavy sun, but not too much heat. It will take a good deal of warmth, though, if you place it in the sun during the summer. If you plan to grow it from seed, be sure you start the seeds appropriately, and give the seedlings at least a full month to grow to a transplantable level. Keep the feet of the lavender wet, but water does need to drain easily from it.

Herb Lavender Use: How can you take this amazing plant and turn it into something that is useful? There are various ways to do this with herb lavender. Use it in foods or use it as a wonderful fragrance for a space in your home. Place the lavender where you can easily smell it. It is known for helping to reduce stress levels. You may also want to purchase the lavender essential oil that is derived from this plant. This oil may be used for various reasons including to treat many skin conditions like eczema, acne, fungal infections and even to treat sores. You may wish to add some to your bathwater too, to help you to relax after a rough day. It is said to help with insomnia, improving headaches and to fight off depression.

Herb Lavender Fragrant: One of the most important things to remember about herb lavender is just how fragrant it is. Herb lavender fragrant scents come from the flowers of the plant, but also is fund on the leaves. For those who enjoy this smell and who have grown their own, cut off some of the stems. Place them upside down and hang them for several days. You can attach several together like this to create a grouping. Allow the plant to fully dry. Then, you can have the concentrated smell of the plant anywhere you would like to, after they are fully dried out. You can use these in your bathwater, place them on sheets or even just add them to a space in your living room to bring the smell of the plant throughout. Take some of the dried lavender and create a sachet of it. Then, place this under your pillow at night time when you sleep. It can help you to relax better an even help you to improve your overall sleep quality by reducing stress and insomnia symptoms.