he main symptom of internal hemorrhoids is bleeding and doctors may initiate the right treatment by simply taking a picture

Bleeding Internal hemorrhoids SymptomInternal Hemorrhoids Symptom: When you have internal hemorrhoids, you may have one symptom or you may have many. The most common symptoms include itching, burning, and bleeding during and after bowel movements. The itching and burning may be internal or external. However, the internal itching and such may be more excruciating than if it were happening externally. However, any sort of attempt to relieve an itch can result in more bleeding.

Internal Hemorrhoids Bleeding: When bleeding occurs, you will most likely see bright red spots of blood on toilet tissue. Stools may also be bloody, but not extremely so because it is limited to the external surface. Because the bleeding occurs internally, it is very possible that bleeding may occur in the absence of a bowel movement. However, a bleeding bowel movement is very likely with internal hemorrhoids. It is very likely that there won’t be.

There is also the fact that there may be a discharge of mucus from the anal canal as the body attempts to heal the hemorrhoids. As for the severity of the hemorrhoids and how well they will naturally heal, it depends on their size and what grade they are. For example, grade 1 internal hemorrhoids mean there is mild distension. The symptoms are very mild in this case and there is a good chance that with a little bit of help the body can heal. With grade 2, it is a little more involved because the internal hemorrhoids are prolapsed. This means that they will bulge during a bowel movement, but retreat back into the anus afterwards.

Internal Hemorrhoids Picture: When looking at a picture of internal hemorrhoids, it can be rather alarming. You will see that those hemorrhoids that extend outside of the anus are blue. This is a result of the balloon effect that occurs. As for internal hemorrhoids, pictures are possible with small cameras that are inserted into the rectum. This give doctors a better idea of what is going on.

Internal Hemorrhoids Treatment: As far as treatment goes, it depends on the severity of the internal hemorrhoids. Surgery may be needed if they are thrombosed, which means they are blocking the anal canal. This can cause issues in having bowel movements, which can lead to other problems such as intestinal blockage. If the thrombosed internal hemorrhoids do not reduce with other treatment means, then surgery may be required.

So as you can see, internal hemorrhoids mean serious business. They can literally be debilitating if they are not treated. If they are allowed to become thrombosed, the consequences are considerably worse than if they had been caught on time. This means calling your doctor or using some over the counter treatments if you display the symptoms of hemorrhoids. They are quite easy to identify. If you are not into over the counter methods, there are also natural methods that have been quite effective in battling internal hemorrhoids. There are definitely plenty of options that you can try before you entertain the idea of having surgery.