Having a real picture of hemorrhoids both internal and external makes hemorrhoids much easier to defeat

Real Picture of hemorrhoids ExternalExternal Picture of Hemorrhoids: A picture of hemorrhoids, especially if they are thrombosed, can be beneficial in the treatment of those hemorrhoids. It gives the doctor a chance to have a good look at what is going on and even allows you to see what your condition consists of. For example, you may see an image of a hemorrhoid, blue in color, protruding out of the anus. This external hemorrhoid is simply the skin-covered vein blowing up like a balloon.

Real Picture of Hemorrhoids: A real picture of hemorrhoids provides a great tool to the medical community in being able to assess the situation even when the patient is not present. This can be used to keep a record and to find the best treatment available for that individual situation. This is especially helpful when the hemorrhoid becomes thrombosed because the symptoms become much more prominent and the issue is much more painful. When symptoms of a thrombosed hemorrhoid are present, it is important that treatment is initiated immediately. The doctor will usually suggest some sort of surgical procedure. These procedures are relatively minor and given under anesthesia that is either general or local. This is one of the most effective ways to relieve an external thrombosed hemorrhoid and it is also the quickest.

Using a Picture of Hemorrhoids to Battle Hemorrhoids: As stated before, a doctor is able to take the picture and determine what type of procedure is needed to fix the problem. If the picture of hemorrhoids reveals that the issue is not severe, then treatments such as corticosteroid creams may be used. They may tell you that you are able to get these over the counter at your local drugstore or supermarket or you may be written a prescription. You will also be given a list of foods that you can eat. This means no fatty foods or anything that may cause irritation during a bowel movement. The types of foods a doctor will tell you to eat include fruits and vegetables. There has been many times in which minor hemorrhoids have disappeared just through lifestyle changes.

Internal Picture of Hemorrhoids: Thrombosed hemorrhoids, just like any hemorrhoid, can be internal as well. These are the ones that are quite scary because the hemorrhoid can grow to a size that blocks the anal canal. That is why it is important to not ignore the pain and do something about it. If you are unable to get to a doctor immediately, start drinking a lot of water. You also want to eat foods such as fruits and vegetables because it is these foods that will digest better and be easier to pass. Once you can go to a doctor, it is important to go so that they can assess the situation. The doctor may even take a picture of hemorrhoids that are present in your anal canal so that they can be better analyzed. It is amazing what can be told just by having something like a photograph as a visual aid.