– Initiatives to Boost Fundraising for clinical trials and medical research projects

Many US medical innovations, including many possible new medical devices and drugs cannot raise sufficient money required for early stage testing.

However, now there is an easy way available to each and every affected person to help all those who are dedicated to the cause to receive the funds for making the next medical breakthrough. Founder president of Goldner says that his startup is based on their years of experience with National Institute of health sponsored research.

According to Goldner, being a crowd funding company is not sufficient to get success. You will have to add some real value to people’s lives, and cureLauncher plans to do just that by providing people with an opportunity to directly communicate with various medical researchers around the US in a confidential settings, plus they get a chance to get free medical treatment through these clinical trails, which can save their lives.

The company has extensive knowledge base about patient clinical requirements combined with their vast experience in FDA approvals and medical treatment research, which will ensure its success and also benefit millions of people in coming years.

Most of the people are still not aware that they can get free medical treatment in world class facilities across the US. For instances about 4500 breast cancer studies are currently running in the US, and about 460 of them are interested in taking thousands of patients right now. Any person interested in taking “cutting edge” and FREE breast cancer clinical treatment can now visit and search for a available treatment site in different parts of the US.

Best of all, also translates all complex medical terminologies into easy to follow English. The information available on the site is totally free for all users and helps all those who want to get in touch with clinical trials immediately as this can save their lives.

About 73 percent of 49,000 clinical trials in the US are often delayed due to very low enrollment. Many companies developing new drugs and medical devices and in search of funds can connect with for getting access to the funds within a short time.