Coupon Savings and Sample Infant Formula: Relief or Disaster?

Sample Infant formula Free

Is an Invitation to Free Infant Formula an Invitation to Disaster?
I get suspicious when I see the words free or coupon savings or best. The reason I get so suspicious when I see those words is because we live in a very competitive world where marketing is extremely aggressive. Often times, in an effort to become top dog certain companies use unethical marketing strategies to get consumers to purchase their products. Let’s take a look at some of the marketing strategies of some of the top three infant formula giants: Nestle, Similac, and Enfamil.

Nestle: Free Sample of Infant Formula Leads to Thousands of Infant Deaths
Do you remember the Nestle scandal on July 4, 1977? Well, Nestle did not make off to a good start with its free infant formula because of its unethical marketing practices targeting poor women in underdeveloped countries. Subsequently, Nestle was boycotted by watch dog groups like World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA), International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN), and many other groups. It wasn’t that Nestle was simply marketing organic or regular breast milk substitute. It was to whom Nestle was aggressively marketing its breast milk substitute. Nestle was marketing its free breast milk substitute to women in poor countries. The problem was that these poor countries had contaminated water. Nestle infant formula needs to be mixed with water. So the combination of contaminated water and Nestle infant formula became a recipe for disaster. Thousands of infants died as a result. In the aftermath, UNICEF and over 200 watch dog groups instituted guidelines for marketing infant formula in over 100 countries.

Coupon Savings on Enfamil Infant Formula
Fortunately, Enfamil and Similac did not tarnish their reputations with unethical infant formula marketing strategies using the words free and coupon savings in order to get people to buy their brand of infant formula. Preying on the poor is never a good advertising strategy. Yet, a lot of conglomerates do.

Similac Infant Formula is Still an Excellent Choice
When it comes to choosing an infant formula, expectant mothers still have two excellent choices – Similac and Enfamil. Similac and Enfamil remain the top two infant formula choices expectant mothers prefer when it comes to giving their babies a good start. While both Similac and Enfamil are competitors, they seem to be able to do so in standard ethical ways. For instance, both infant formula giants offer coupon savings and free sample products they just don’t prey on the poor, the illiterate, and the down trodden, like Nestle. Both Similac and Enfamil have produced infant formula with the same goals in mind an infant formula that caters to the various nutritional needs of babies.

For instance, you can purchase an infant formula called Similac Advance with Iron just as you can purchase Enfamil with iron. Each infant formula conglomerate has an infant formula specifically tailored to each infant’s needs: the fussy baby, the colicky baby, the gassy baby, and the baby who is lactose intolerant. The best thing about both companies is that expectant mothers can trust them when they market their sample products as free or coupon savings as each have untarnished reputations unlike Nestle.