Before You Use Supplements to Reverse Potassium Deficiency Try a Mediterranean Diet- It’s Been Shown to Lower Blood Pressure in Human Beings and Cause Healthy Natural Weight Loss

Human Potassium deficiency SymptomPotassium Deficiency: Symptom
Potassium is a mineral. Human beings need potassium because potassium:
a) Is an important mineral that balances the amount of water in your bodyb) Balances the pH of your bodyc) Is needed for the growth of muscled) Is needed for the function of the nervous systeme) Is needed for your brain to function properlyA frequent symptom of potassium deficiency is high blood pressure. High blood pressure is due to a lot of salt intake. As we said, one of potassium’s roles is to balance the amount of water in your body. Potassium works with sodium to do this. An abundance (but not over abundance) of potassium in your diet pills will enable potassium to protect you from high blood pressure because the more potassium you have in your system, the more sodium is excreted from your body.

The Role of the Human Kidneys and Potassium Deficiency
Potassium plays in important role for the kidney function. The human kidneys control the levels of potassium in your body. The kidneys’ function is to also cleanse the blood of waste. You must check with your physician to ensure that your kidneys can metabolize potassium supplements properly before taking them.

Potassium Deficiency: Cause
Diuretics are supposed to get rid of excess sodium in your body. However, some diuretics may make you lose too much potassium. Potassium deficiency can be as a result of diarrhea, diabetes, extremely low calorie diets, heavy alcohol consumption and excessive use of diuretics. The best way to control high blood pressure is to make sure your diet is high in potassium. The Mediterranean diet does just that.

The Mediterranean Diet Helps Lower Risk of Potassium Deficiency
Depending on your potassium levels, doctors will either advise you to either increase your potassium intake or lower it. Any diet whose foundation consists of fresh fruit and vegetable is a very good diet. The Mediterranean diet is chock full of fruit and vegetables that are rich in potassium and can certainly help you fight potassium deficiency. Fruits and vegetables are not the only source of potassium. Certain proteins are rich in potassium as well. Here is a list of foods that are rich in potassium that are part of the Mediterranean diet and can and will reduce high blood pressure: In the fruit category are: all citrus fruit; bananas; prunes; apricots; raisins; strawberries; watermelon; cantaloupe. In the protein department: soy, beans, fish, beef and turkey. In the vegetable category: tomatoes, mushrooms, beets, spinach and other greens.

Sign of Potassium Deficiency
As stated earlier, potassium is needed for muscle growth and function. Your heart is a muscle, so potassium is needed for the proper function of your heart. Potassium controls how much glycogen is created and so one sign of potassium deficiency is tiredness, weakness and muscle fatigue. Other signs of potassium deficiency include: nerve impairment; severe bloating, heart disturbances; and kidney failure. If not addressed immediately, these signs can progress quickly and become fatal. If left untreated, potassium deficiency can lead to loss of electrolyte balance which will then affect the nervous system, all muscles and other bodily functions. In sum, a diet based on lots of fruit and vegetables and lean protein will decrease your chances of potassium deficiency and increase your chances for good health.