Battle of the Cosmetic Companies: Physician Formula Mineral Make Up Verses Other Popular Make Up Brands

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Physician Formula Make Up is Comparable to Other Name Brand Make Up Wear Minus the Name Brand Price
As consumers are looking for cosmetics that aid facial elasticity, glow, and smoothness, they are getting pickier as to which make up brand to wear. Should they buy talc-free, mineral-free, hypoallergenic? The list goes on and on. At the same time, they don’t want to spend a lot of money. They prefer to buy a quality brand make up that comes with a coupon with huge savings. But is it possible to find an inexpensive make up with the perfect minerals that will enhance elasticity, protect the skin from the harsh elements of the environment, and give you a perfect glow?

Physician Formula Make Up Bronzer
Physician Formula has been around since 1937. It’s dedicated to a cosmetic that’s filled with minerals that fortify the skin. For instance, Physician Formula’s bronzer is made with the mineral boron nitride, which gives a soft natural glow. Other minerals used in Physician Formula make up is titanium dioxide and zinc oxide which provide natural mineral sunscreens to protect the skin from harsh environmental pollutants. Why did Physician Formula decide to focus on a mineral based product? Physician Formula wanted a natural feel for its cosmetics. Its founder wanted its wearers to be able to wear make up without feeling the heavy weight of it like other mineral based cosmetics. A lot of other mineral based make ups have a chalky cake-like finish. Mac and Sephora are mineral based cosmetics and tend to have that chalk-like effect. They are also extremely expensive.

Finding More Physician Formula at Cosmetic Counters
In order to compete with popular cosmetic brands like Sephora and Mac, Physician Formula had to make sure that their product was of high quality and at the same time sell it at a cheaper price. What makes Physician Formula competitive is what they call the minimal approach look. You don’t have to put much of their make up on to get the look of a flawless complexion unlike Mac and Sephora. This competitive edge has enabled Physician Formula to be sold at cosmetic counters but at a much more affordable price.

What Makes Physician Formula Mineral Wear the Choice of Many Women?
Many women love the idea of looking as natural as possible. They also love the idea of healthy skin. A lot of cosmetics include ingredients that are just plain irritants to the skin and add absolutely no value to the product. Wearing Physician Formula gives them an Au Naturelle feeling and look. The pores are not clogged due to the ability to wear less Physician Formula make up. Physician Formula is infused with lots of Vitamins A & E. Their cream formulas are designed for older women to retain elasticity in their skin. All Physician Formula cosmetics are made with the sensitive skin in mind. It is hypoallergenic, fragrance free and as down to earth as possible. So if you are looking for the fountain of youth, visit Physician Formula website today.