A hemorrhoids photo can show the external impact, identifies the need for surgery, and how serious a thrombosed hemorrhoid can be

External Hemorrhoids Photo: If you look at a hemorrhoids photo, you are in for quite the surprise because it is not a pretty sight. An external hemorrhoids photo will show the hemorrhoid protruding outside of the anus. They will appear blue because they are skin-covered veins that have blown up like a balloon. What is interesting about these hemorrhoids is that they appear without any symptoms. It is when they are inflamed that they will be painful.

The alternative to the external hemorrhoid is the internal hemorrhoid. Photos can be taken by a small camera that is placed inside. They occur further up into the anal canal, so they are not visible when looking at the outside of the anus. These are the hemorrhoids that experience a lot of bleeding. Sometimes bleeding is the only case when the hemorrhoids are minor. It is very possible that the internal hemorrhoids will extend to the outside of the anal canal, especially when straining during bowel movements. This is what is called a prolapsed internal hemorrhoid.

Surgery Hemorrhoids photo: When looking at an external hemorrhoids photo, it can be quite alarming. Many times, the condition will look worse than what it is. However, it can get worse if it is not taken care of. The doctor will take the photo and assess how bad the situation really is. The photo may also be used to review the most effective surgical method to fix the problem. That is if surgery is really needed. There are many cases in which it may not be needed at all. This is because there are corticosteroid creams and natural treatments that can be used to alleviate the symptoms and eliminate the hemorrhoids altogether.

Thrombosed Hemorrhoids Photo: One photo that can be quite alarming is one of a thrombosed hemorrhoids. The anus is completely blocked by this sort of hemorrhoid and it is very painful. Not only is there a lot of pain with bowel movements, but walking can even be quite the task. The best way to solve this issue is through surgery and that surgery is usually performed within the first 72 hours after the symptoms start. Directly after the surgery, many of the symptoms are relieved. Some even say that the pain relief they experience after surgery is more significant than the pain that exists after the surgery. That gives an idea of how painful this condition is.

After surgery, it is very important to keep an eye on whether or not more hemorrhoids will form. When a thrombosed hemorrhoid shows up once, it is very likely that it can happen again. However, taking care of the body, not straining too much, and good nutrition can help in reducing the chances of hemorrhoids developing again. Perhaps you can convince your doctor to let you keep the hemorrhoids photo so that you can have a reminder of why you need to take good care of yourself. That is the only way that you may be able to keep yourself from having to go through surgery again.