What’s the Difference Between Sugar Daddy Dating and Pulling a Trick?

Dating Sugar daddy Gay

Rarely Do We See a Gay Sugar Daddy
What is a sugar daddy? A sugar daddy used to be the name of a candy bar. It also used to be the former name of a rock band, the B39s. I remember one lyric in the song that said gimme some trick and I’ll give you some sugar Well, that kind of rings true today in the sugar daddy, sugar baby dating world. We’ve come a long way since then. The word sugar daddy has lost its innocence. A sugar daddy is no longer a candy bar, nor does it refer to the band.

A sugar daddy is usually a white, middle aged male, very successful business professional. Of course a sugar daddy can be any color he can even be gay. But for the purposes of this article and the research I’ve done, a sugar daddy usually fits the above-mentioned description. A sugar daddy seeks a younger beautiful woman whom he can take care of. He buys her clothes, takes her out to expensive restaurants, and flies her all over the world. Now, don’t get me wrong, not all sugar daddies are that generous. I guess it depends on the tastes and expectations of the sugar baby.

Sugar Daddy Dating Personals are Now the Rage
There are a lot of gold diggers out there disguising themselves as sugar babies. There are even dating personals that target rich, or wealthy men. The problem arises for me is when the line becomes blurred. What is the difference between a sugar baby pulling a trick and a sugar baby dating a sugar daddy?

Sugar Daddy: Trick or John?
You see, in return for the sugar daddy’s generosity, he is expecting sex. Let’s not kid ourselves! Since the expectation is that there will be sex, how is this whole sugar daddy thing different from pulling a trick or having a long term John? To me, it is the same as prostitution. There are a lot of women on sugar daddy forums that will dispute this vehemently.

Hopping on the Sugar Daddy Band Wagon
I think the main reason women look for a sugar daddy is because they are looking to be rescued. Some are just plain lazy and want a man to do for them, what they can easily do for themselves. There is even a book called Sugar Daddy 101 by Leidra Lawson. It basically teaches you how to be a prostitute under the guise of being a sugar baby. Well, her book caught on like wildfire! Since then it has spurred many sugar daddy sites and personals. But really, what it has done is add legitimacy to prostitution. It’s like we play games with words. Instead of calling it sweat we call it perspiration, instead of calling it fat we say overweight. Instead of calling someone stupid, we call them mentally challenged. Come on already. Wake up and smell the coffee. What do I suggest? Get a job and learn how to take care of yourself!