What is a Normal Level of Testosterone and When is Testosterone too High?

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When is Testosterone Level Too Low?
How do you know if your testosterone level is too low? Testosterone levels drop as men get older. This is normal. However, low testosterone levels affect men’s health, sometimes adversely. Testosterone is what makes a man, a man. During youth, testosterone is responsible for the surge in sex drive, deepening of the voice, and the development of muscles. Testosterone is necessary in maintaining these male characteristics. Unfortunately, as with all things, what goes up, must come down. After age 40, testosterone levels in men drop, but not rapidly. It is estimated that the drop in testosterone is about 1%-2% every year. However, only a handful of men suffer from extremely low levels of testosterone so that it becomes a health hazard. So the question is, low levels of testosterone just a natural part of life? Do we get medical treatment, do we get natural remedies, or do we just let nature take its course? Some endocrinologists think that if men aren’t exhibiting any symptoms of testosterone deficiency, they shouldn’t get tested for it and they shouldn’t worry about it. But they do believe that if men have symptoms then treatment would benefit them tremendously.

Is There Such Thing as Testosterone Level Being Too High?
Usually when testosterone levels are too high, it’s because of steroidal abuse. The symptoms displayed are what’s called roid rage. In women body builders who take too many steroids, their testosterone levels go way above the level for a woman and they begin to take on male features like facial hair, deepening of the voice, and male pattern baldness.

What is a Normal Testosterone Level?
So what is a normal testosterone level? There is no industry-wide standard for what constitutes normal levels of testosterone, but some endocrinologists say 200 nonograms per deciliters is normal, while others say 1200. For a woman, 70 is considered normal.

When Should You Increase Your Testosterone Level and How?
Endocrinologists say that low testosterone levels are too low when it’s below 300 nonograms per deciliter of blood. Most men report that the main symptoms of low testosterone levels are low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, fatigue and moodiness. While women go through menopause, men go through the equivalent, but it’s called andropause. Low testosterone levels in men can go unnoticed because the decline happens so slowly. There are options for men with low testosterone levels such as wearing a patch, oral tablets or injections. It is highly recommended that testosterone levels only be elevated to normal levels. See your endocrinologist for proper testing and screening.