Smokeless Tobacco is Deadly No Matter if the Name is Copanhagen, Skoal or Grizzly

Copenhagen Smokeless tobacco GrizzlySmokeless Tobacco: Grizzly Brand
The tobacco companies are shameless. They promote the deadliest toxin for human consumption while our government stands by and allows them to do so. They make the websites and the logos look so appealing that you get the illusion that smoking makes you hip, cool, suave, charismatic and popular. The reality is tobacco use makes you stink, physically weak, and die.

Smokeless Tobacco: Copenhagen Brand
I was looking on the internet and came across a brand of smokeless tobacco called Copenhagen. Copenhagen is a type of chewing tobacco. Here are the various ways you can buy Copenhagen snuff and their prices: fine cut snuff (whatever that means) for a roll of 10 costs bucks. I wonder how long those rolls last. For long cut a roll of 5 costs .67. For long cut straight a roll of 5 costs .67. This is extremely sickening. I found this information on the internet. If you come into larger cities, like New York City, the price is triple. In fact, when I stopped smoking in 1994, the cost for a pack of cigarettes was .25. Now, the cost of a pack of cigarettes is .00. A cheap pack with a coupon (if you’re lucky) costs .00.

Smokeless Tobacco: Skoal Brand
Quitting smoking is difficult when you have tobacco companies advertising brands like Skoal or Grizzly, in an attempt to make tobacco use harmless and cool. U.S. companies should take a serious stand against these conglomerates because the effects of smoking are directly related to the rise in health care costs. Quitting smoking is harder than ever. The horrendous effects of smoking are unimaginable. The ingredients in tobacco, whether it be a fancy name like Skoal or Kodiak consist of gravels, sand and other harmful chemicals that erode tooth enamel. If a tobacco chewer uses tobacco over a long period of time, it could lead to tooth loss.

Smokeless Tobacco Kodiak
As previously stated, smokeless tobacco is named as such to give the illusion of being harmless. Adding a designer name such as Kodiak only further serves to give people the illusion that smokeless tobacco is safe. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Smokeless tobacco, including Kodiak, causes damage to the tongue, jaw and lips. Here are some side effects of smokeless tobacco: discoloration of lips, lip cancer, bad breath, sore throat, inability or difficulty moving jaws and tongue, irritation of tongue and burning sensation on the tongue and lips.

Lastly, chewing tobacco leads to not only oral cancer but lung cancer and stomach cancer as well. A study was conducted wherein the conclusion revealed that 90% of lung cancer patients started out smoking or chewing tobacco. Carcinogens were the cause of the injured cells in the lungs. There is nothing safe about snuff tobacco or any other form of tobacco. The only thing a tobacco user can look forward to with prolonged use of tobacco is a miserable painful death.