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Skeletal System Human
The human skeletal system as well as any living organism’s skeletal system has many important functions. The function of the human skeletal system provides the form and shape to our bodies. It supports and protects body movement. It also is responsible for mineral storage.

Skeletal System Picture
When you look at the structure of the skeletal system or a human diagram of the skeletal system, it looks fragile or weak. But the reality is that the anatomy of the skeletal system is very strong.

The Function of the Muscular Skeletal System
The skeletal system has a framework consisting of 206 bones. Within this framework are the softer tissues and organs that need protection. The skeletal system functions to protect these delicate organs. The skull, which is part of the skeletal system encases and protects the brain. Likewise, the rib and the sternum cage protect the heart and lungs. Body movement is contingent upon the musculo-skeletal system.

A Diagram of the Skeletal System and Disease: The human skeletal system is made of bone. When proper nutrition is not followed, the skeletal system weakens. Diseases like osteoporosis develop wherein there is loss of bone tissue. The bone loses calcium and then become thinner. The bones become brittle and they break. It’s important to get adequate calcium for proper muscular development. Foods that are calcium rich such as milk, yogurt, and cheese are important.

Fractures, sprains and strains occur frequently when bones are brittle. A sprain injury is an injury to a ligament (the tissue that covers a joint). Although sprains are more common as a result of sudden wrenching that tears the tissues of the ligaments, having strong bones by eating foods high in calcium will prevent sprains.

Scurvy is a disease that is as a result of lack of Vitamin C. With scurvy, any wounds sustained will heal poorly. The gums bleed and tooth loss occurs. Joints become sore and patients lose their appetite.Arthritis is very common in the United States. Arthritis is one of 100 diseases of the joints. Arthritis sufferers experience pain, stiffness, and swelling to their joints.

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease. It occurs when the joints wear out. Older people who don’t exercise and eat high calcium foods experience this disease most commonly. It can also occur to individuals who have repeated injuries to their joints. Usually the joints that get injured frequently are the hands, hips, knees, lower back and neck.

In conclusion, the skeletal system’s job is to support and protect the organs and to assist in the movement of joints. In order for the skeletal system to function properly, a health diet must be followed coupled with daily exercise. Lack of exercise and poor nutrition will result in rapid deterioration of the skeletal system. Resistance training will increase bone strength and 3-5 servings of calcium rich foods such as yogurt, milk and cheese will provide all the nutrients necessary to develop strong healthy bones and minimize skeletal injuries.