Pituitary Gland: Tumor, Disorder and Other Conditions

Disorder Pituitary gland Tumor

Pituitary Gland Tumor: The pituitary gland can develop a tumor. These are abnormal growths that develop right on the gland. In some cases, they go unnoticed and cause little to no problem for the individual. In other situations, they can be located in a position that strains the gland and that leads the gland to producing excessive amounts of hormones. The hormones that are produced by the gland are very important for regulating various functions in the body. In other situations, the location of the tumor can restrict the pituitary glands ability to produce enough hormones.  Most of these tumors are noncancerous. They do not usually spread through the body, either and therefore are called adenomas. When the pituitary gland function is off, this can cause health concerns leading to a search for treatment.

Pituitary Gland Disorder: Patients can have a variety of pituitary gland disorders. One common problem is hypopituitarism where there is a loss of function in the endocrine gland. This gland helps to stimulate the pituitary gland to produce hormones properly. Hyperprolactinaemia is another disorder where there is too much prolactin in the blood. Pituitary tumors can be considered disorders, too. Gigantism is a condition in which there is excessive growth in height by the individual which is caused by the over production of human growth hormone by the gland. In any of these pituitary gland disease and disorders, the fluctuation of hormones is often an indication of the problem.

Pituitary Gland Diagram: If you look at a pituitary gland diagram of your gland, you may notice the disorder symptom. In some cases, you can see the anterior thyroid that has grown too large. Thyroid hormones are produced by the thyroid gland, but the treatment for some pituitary gland disorders can cause the thyroid gland to change its production of hormones, too. Doctors will regularly monitor for this type of problem to insure that the condition does not worsen in any way.

Pituitary Gland Enlarged: There are various situations where the pituitary gland is enlarged. This is usually caused by a tumor that is located on the gland. It may also be caused to bleeding into the pituitary gland itself. Some diseases, including tuberculosis and sarcoidosis also can cause the gland to grow in size. This is often visibleon a pituitary gland diagram.  One pituitary gland symptom of enlargement is a headache that is intense and does not go away as others would. This headache is caused by the pressure that the gland is placing on the optic nerve. This nerve is very sensitive and runs just above where the pituitary gland is located. In some cases, especially as the condition progresses, there may be loss of vision in some portions of view. Additionally, the larger size of the gland can lead to the production of too many or not enough hormones.  For those that have a problem with their pituitary gland, disorder symptom like this headache is important to notice so that treatment is obtainable as quickly as possible.