Picture This: Your Lover Says You Have the Best Love Position Ideas!

Best  Love position Making

What’s the Best Love Position for Making Love?
Are you tired of boring sex? Well, it’s possible to reawaken your libido by trying a different love position. Imagine your lover telling you that you have the best love position ideas? Well, a love position does not necessarily require acrobatics. Actually, sometimes, it’s the standard missionary position that’s best, making your man feel like he is on top. What do I mean? Well, if you put a few hard pillows underneath your hips, it puts you at an angle that’s different making your lover’s penis hit the back of your wall or your G spot.
Best Position for Making Love: Example of a Good Love Position
Actually, there is another love position that will make your man feel like he is the best lover in the world. I enjoy it myself. This love position is called doggy style. Why is it the best love position? Because when illustrated live, the male is unencumbered by the female’s legs wrapped around his hips, which allows his hips to be free, making it easier for him to move at whatever pace he chooses. Sounds like fun right?

The Picture of Bliss: The Right Love Position Will Leave You Peaceful
If you picture or approach making love like pictures illustrated in magazines or movies, you will start to come up with some of your own fantasies. When you and your lover find the right love position, making love is no longer boring or an arduous task to be endured. On the contrary, you eagerly look forward to being with your lover. The right love position will leave you feeling peaceful. You will feel free, making your lover feel like he is king, knowing that he has satisfied you. It’s best making love right after a nice hot bubble bath together.

Making a Free Picture: The Love Position Illustrated By Experts
In my opinion, those who are experts in the love position department are the porn stars and the amateur cameramen making free pictures of couples having sex. The reason they seem like experts to me is that the love positions I often see in porn movies are the ones that arouse me the most. You never want your lover to feel like he doesn’t measure up in the love making or love position department. Rather, you want him to always feel like he is the best man who has ever illustrated his love position prowess! Here’s an idea. Both of you watch a porn picture together.

Watching a porn movie together with your lover takes great maturity. When you see a love position that is very exciting to you and turns you on, watch your lover’s reaction. Ask your lover how he feels about that particular position. Feel him out. If he gives you a lukewarm response don’t push. Remember, you always want to make him feel like king, but you also need your desires fulfilled. Continue watching the movie snuggled up. Eventually, you will see which love position gets the best rise out of him. Then let him know in a gentle way that you really would love it if he tried that on you without you saying it. You and he will be very pleasantly surprised at the outcome.