Mercury Poisoning Symptom, Treatment and Fears of Tuna and Autism

Treatment Mercury poisoning Symptom

Mercury Poisoning Symptom: Since mercury poisoning can be quite dangerous when untreated, it is important for anyone who shows a symptom of the illness to get medical attention. Mercury poisoning occurs when someone is exposed to levels of mercury. After their exposure, they will begin to notice the effects of mercury playing out with different symptoms. They might experience itching, burning, or a great deal of pain. Another symptom of mercury poisoning is skin discoloration. Some people have swelling of the body, while others experience the peeling off of layers of dead skin. All of these are signs of mercury poisoning, and all should be looked at by a medical professional.
Mercury Poisoning Treatment: When someone has mercury poisoning, they will have to undergo treatment. Treatment differs depending on how the mercury poisoning occurred. First, the doctor will run a test to find the source of the mercury poisoning. Once the source is found, he will begin treatment. The administration of fluids is one treatment a doctor will use for people who have mercury poisoning. If the mercury was absorbed through the air, the doctor might insert a breathing tube into the lungs. He also might work to suction the mercury out of the lungs. In addition, many doctors give medication no matter what the source of the mercury poisoning was. In most cases, the doctor will give chelators or activated charcoal to the patient. The idea behind the treatment is not to cure the patient of mercury poisoning, but to rid the body of the mercury. As an additional precaution, doctors will often get rid of the patient’s clothing and any other items that could have been exposed to the mercury.
Mercury Poisoning Tuna: There has been a great deal of fear in recent years regarding the consumption of big fish, partially tuna, leading to mercury poisoning. Specialists cannot agree if tuna actually does lead to mercury poisoning. What they can agree on is tuna and other fish do carry a certain level of mercury with them. In some cases, the mercury might be dangerous, but it is difficult, if not impossible, to prove one way or the other. It is agreed upon, however, that many people can eat tuna and other large fish without showing any signs or symptoms of mercury poisoning.
Mercury Poisoning and Autism: : There has long been a link to mercury poisoning and autism, although currently there is not an agreement of exactly what that link is. Some people believe that mercury poisoning is a cause of autism. Others believe that autism is being mistaken for mercury poisoning. In both cases it is believed there is a link between mercury vaccines and autism. There is speculation that the recent growth of autism in the United States is actually nothing more than untreated mercury poisoning. Others believe the mercury poisoning actually turns into autism. No matter if autism is caused by mercury poisoning or if mercury poisoning is being mistaken for autism, most would agree there is a link between the two.