Lipitor recall:recalling of the drug and warnings about the drug.

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Lipitor recall

Liptior is a drug produced by pharmaceutical company Phizerlocated in America. It is a drug which lowers cholesterol, by using an active substance known as atorvastatin This is developed by by Phizer over 15 years ago as a salt. The drug reduces specifically the concentrations of low density lipoproteins(LDL) cholesterols and the total cholesterol in blood.

The food and drug administration which is the official agency in the united states of America that is responsible for clearing and validating drug use with the state, in the month of may in 2003announced an across the board Lipitor recall as there was evidence that counterfeiting of Lipitor was taking place. Major medical distribution companies such as the Albers Medical distributors unilaterally recalled lots of 90 bottles, and in total recalled three lots.initially almost 130,000 bottles were recalled, and later it was published in news papers that an additional 200,000 bttles would be recalled on suspicion of counterfeiting. It was believed initially that it was only these three lots that were tainted with counterfeit Lipitor, the cholesterol lowering drug containing the active substance atorvastatin. Albers medical distributors in a press statement released post recall suggested that the counterfeit Lipitor represents a grave and potentially lethal health and medical risk to consumers. The counterfeit product after intensive investigation and detailed questioning was found to be packaged by, MED pro Inc from lLexington Nebraska. The food and drug administrations forensics and chemistry center later found that this counterfeit Lipitor was in fact a form of generic, actually containing the active substance atorvastatin. But since the official and licensed product is produced by Phizer, the safety and stability of this generic could not be comprehensively proven, and hence could not be approved for consumers. This is also because the atorvastatin itself has numerous side effects such as; mild aches in the stomach once the drug was started, excess of gas resulting in bloating or even heart burn due to acid production. Pain in the muscle , reaction in the skin and nausea have also been reported t. Incase upon use of the drugs any signs of an allergic reaction develops then the emergency dept should be. These signs and symptoms of allergy includes selling of throat, swelling of face and tongue itching reaction, REDNESS OVER FACE

Eventually the food and drug administration was forced to urge health care providers all across the country as well as patients , to very carefully check the packaging of the Lipitor before consuming it or even stocking it. The FDA also issued the serial numbers of the three lots that were suspected to be tainted and suggested to the patients that if the possess the product with the lable reading “repackaged by MED PRO Inc” with matching lot numbers, should not take the medication in any condition. They also advised the public against panicking if the had already consumed the drug and suggested that they should go and have a comprehensive blood test done to ensure they had not suffered from any side effects.