Lateral thigh trainer-a complete info of this workout model

Trainer Lateral thigh CanadaLateral thigh trainer There are number of exercise devices available in the market which promise you those dream thighs. There are also number of other infomercials, and products marketed through telemarketing promising the very same thing, but at the end of the day these are all expensive and cumbersome equipments that take up space and offer little in the form of results. It is evident that most of these devices would probably work and do probably work but not in the promised time frame as seen on television or advertised on the net. These thigh trainers are usually steppers that incorporate tension through hydraulics to give you legs the best possible work out but the problem with most of them is that they are too unidirectional and do not in fact target all muscle groups to give you the optimal workout.The new lateral thigh trainer is unlike any you might have used before. It manages to rectify the problems of all the old thigh trainers and gives you a unique bi-directional siting lie motion that targets multiple muscle groups of the legs from different angles. This unique action of the thigh trainer is only possible through its double action resistance disk which helps you do efficient cardiovascular exercise, for you over all health and well being. Apart from this it is a great way to burn those excess calories and tone up your body in little time. Remember it is not a miracle worker and results well be evident eventually, you need to be patient and deligent as with any other exercise machine, just that this does it better. The unique design of the trainer which not only moves up and down, but also from side to side, gives you in fact two potent workouts. The lateral thigh trainer has a built in personal training computer which easily tracks your progress and work out. The lateral thigh trainer has a sturdy steel built which apart from being of adjustable resistance also gives comfort and stability. The double action resistance disk gives the user a smooth ride that is very easy on knees and joints. You can easily workout various muscles groups such as the hips, thighs, abs and the buttocks in one easy motion, this means double the workout in half the time. This means an all in one deal giving you a quick workout which fulfills your cardiovascular needs as well as burning up those excess calories and keeping you slim and in sexy shape. The lateral thigh trainer has seven resistance levels and you can customize your workout with less resistance for fat burning and cardio or more resistance for muscle toning and workout.Apart from this the lateral thigh worker also comes with its very own instructional DVD which will guide you through the entire workout process. It is also filled with tips to maximize your workout along with detailing the different ways you can use this device for the betterment of your health and confidence.