Is There Such Thing as a Natural Mood Stabilizer or are Drugs the Only Option?

Natural Mood stabilizer Medication
Mood Stabilizer Medication
What is a mood stabilizer? A mood stabilizer is a psychiatric medication (meaning a medication taken to effect the mental state and used to treat mental disorders) used to treat mood disorders. Mood disorders are characterized by severe swings in mood. Bipolar disorder is a good example of a mood swing wherein a mood stabilizer would be appropriate to dispense. Mood stabilizers are given when there are extremes in mood shifts. This is not the same as when someone feels down one minute but feels uplifted the next. We’re talking about mania (a rapid and uncontrollable high) and depression (an extremely low state where one can barely function). Lithium carbonate is an example of a mood stabilizer. It was the first to be used in the United States after the approval by the FDA.

A Natural Mood Stabilizer As an Alternative
There are lots of over-the-counter supplements you can buy that claim to be natural mood stabilizers. A good example is St. John’s Wart. It claims to get rid of the moodiness and bitchiness women get when they are in their PMS mode. Another natural mood stabilizer is chamomile herb tea. Chamomile works by relaxing your muscles and giving a feeling that all is well. However, doctors are extremely reluctant to rely on these herbal remedies to take the place of medical mood stabilizers.

The Best Drug Mood Stabilizer
Seroquel is FDA approved for depressive episodes and acute manic episodes that occur in bipolar disorder. It has also been approved for long-term treatment and maintenance of bipolar disorder in combination with other mood stabilizers. Bipolar disorder is considered to be caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. These chemical imbalances lead to the symptoms of mental illnesses such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Seroquel helps to correct these chemical imbalances in the brain. Seroquel has been touted as the best mood stabilizer drug on the market. It helps first of all in the reduction of agitation and aggressiveness in patients. It also acts as a sleep aid. Mood stabilizers and Lamictal
Topamax and lamictal are used for seizures. Topamax has not yet been approved as a mood stabilizer drug. Lamictal has been approved for use in the cessation of acute mood swings in people with bipolar disorder. It has also been approved for epileptic seizures. For bipolar disorder, lamictal is a kind of maintenance drug, which means it helps people with bipolar disorder keep their moods stable. It is not the best medication for treating mania or depression but it is something that can be used in between episodes until the patient can get a more appropriate mood stabilizing drug.