Is Snuff Tobacco Non-Addictive?

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Snuff Tobacco: Carcinogen Free?
What is snuff tobacco? Snuff tobacco is a type of smokeless tobacco. This kind of tobacco is sniffed through the nose. To make this carcinogen appealing, European snuff is usually scented or flavored. There are also new types of snuff that can be swallowed, like Grizzly brand snuff a relatively new snuff tobacco on the market. The snuff comes in tantalizing flavors to entice people to purchase them. Flavors such as medicated, floral, fruit, spice, apricot, banana, cola, raspberry, cinnamon, orange, rose, and a plethora of other flavors designed to snag consumers into their death trap. The truth of the matter is snuff tobacco is not carcinogenic free.

Snuff Tobacco: Non-Addictive?
Snuff tobacco is just as addictive as the type of tobacco that is smoked in cigarettes. The main ingredient is nicotine which is highly addictive. Some ways of ingesting certain substances are more potent than others. I’ve never sniffed tobacco, nor have I ever chewed it. I have smoked it and I developed a 2 pack a day habit. It was hell. I became a slave to tobacco. I would search the streets for cigarette butts when I ran out of my own and didn’t have money to purchase another pack. Since snuff tobacco is made of the same ingredient as cigarettes, it makes sense to assume that the side effects are the same. There is no such thing as a non-addictive snuff, whether you are chewing Grizzly brand tobacco or whether you chew Wolf brand tobacco.

Snuff Tobacco: TimberTimber Wolf snuff is labeled as fine cut and natural. It costs .99 for a count of 5. What exactly is natural about tobacco, other than its natural propensity is to make people get cancer and die a slow death?

Snuff Tobacco: Wolf BrandTimber Wolf came out in 1994. It comes in 8 wonderful varieties such as long cut and fine cut wintergreen, long cut and fine cut natural, long cut mint, long cut straight, long cut cool wintergreen and peach flavor. How sweet! They are advertised as premium tobacco, affordable price. Are there degrees in the quality of tobacco? How can that be when all tobacco is deadly? We are a sick society. It’s like asking someone, Would you like Herpes or Syphilis? A study revealed that 1.1 billion people use tobacco and 1/3 of that population comes from adult use. The effects of snuff tobacco are horrendous. In women, the use of snuff tobacco is minimal. However, women tend to smoke tobacco just as much as men in the form of cigarettes. Women who smoke during pregnancy risk giving birth to babies with serious birth defects. Cardiovascular disease is associated with cigarette smoking. Sniffing or using tobacco in any form increases the risk of stroke, atherosclerosis and peripheral vascular disease. Tobacco narrows the blood vessels which causes blockage. As a result of the blockage, heart attacks and strokes result. A study conducted by researchers concluded that people under 40 who smoke are 5 times more likely to suffer a heart attack if they smoke.