If You’re Looking for 50% Coupon Savings on Infant Formula Try Parent’s Choice: Its Prices are Competitive with Infant Formula Giants Like Similac Formula and Enfamil Formula

Coupon  Similac formula BabyParent’s Choice Baby Formula and Similac Formula: No Competition When it Comes to Baby Formula Pricing
Parent’s Choice is a low cost brand of infant formula which is sold exclusively at Wal-Mart. As you know, Wal-Mart is notorious for its low-cost, high quality products. Parent’s Choice came out in 1998 in response to a need for low-cost, high quality baby formula. Parent’s Choice now has a baby formula comparative website which not only keeps you abreast of their free sample products, the occasional baby coupon, advance infant formula, and lactose free baby formulas, but it also reviews various baby formula giants like Similac, Enfamil and Nestle. In addition, Parent’s Choice gives you comparative pricing, allowing expectant mothers to make cost efficient purchases on baby formula. All infant formulas are subject to passing the FDA’s Infant Formula Act, which requires that all baby formulas manufactured in the United States be of a certain standard.
You Can Find Great Coupon Savings For Similac Formula on The Web
A review of Similac formula on Parent’s Choice has been given a good rating in terms of price and quality. Caveat: Parent’s Choice stresses that you should get pediatric advice in terms of your infant’s nutritional needs. Parent’s Choice exists solely for the purpose of giving reviews based on customer feedback and competitive pricing. Parent’s Choice gives Similac formula lactose free rave reviews when it comes to customer feedback for its portability. But as far as pricing is concerned, Parent’s Choice beats Similac formula by a whopping .00 or 50% savings. For instance, Parent’s Choice Lactose Free Infant Formula with Iron costs .00 less than Similac formula lactose free infant formula. Although Parent’s Choice Lactose Free Infant Formula with Iron has the same ingredients as Similac formula, because Similac formula is a national name brand, the price is almost double. So why by a product with the same exact ingredients for a higher price, when you can have major savings by purchasing a generic brand?

Similac Formula Advance EarlyShield Caters to Various Infant Nutritional Needs
While Parent’s Choice Advance formula has basically the same ingredients as Similac formula Advance, Similac formula has one advantage, it’s certified Kosher. Now don’t get me wrong, Parent’s Choice could be Kosher as well, I just have not seen it marked as such. Another supposed advantage Similac Advance EarlyShield has over Parent’s Choice is that as of this writing, to quote directly from its site, Similac formula is the first and only infant formula that has a unique blend of prebiotics, nucleotides and antioxidants nutrients naturally found in breast milk. But to be fair to Parent’s Choice, Parent’s Choice brand of baby formula has these same ingredients in its infant formula called Gentle Infant Formula. The major advantage Parent’s Choice has over Similac again is in its pricing. Once again, Parent’s Choice is still 50% less than Similac Formula.

Similac Formula Comes up with Similac Advance Powder with Iron
Similac formula came up with Similac Advance. The idea behind this particular infant formula was to ensure the development of babies’ healthy digestive system. The immune system is found in the digestive tract. Since a baby’s digestive system depends on developing good bacteria in order to create a healthy immune system, Similac formula developed Similac Advance with ingredients to help stimulate the growth of these beneficial bacteria in order for infants to develop a healthy digestive system. So did Parent’s Choice. While Similac Advance costs .97, Parent’s Choice costs .88. That comes to 50% savings! It’s obvious then, that if you are looking to save a tremendous amount of money on high quality infant formula, Parent’s Choice is the best!