How to Stop His and Her Thumb Sucking

Her Thumb sucking StopStop Thumb Sucking
Thumb sucking is a way for children to ease anxiety. However, as your child gets older, you may want to stop his or her thumb sucking. Actually, it would be a better idea to stop thumb sucking early on because it makes for bucked (or protruding teeth). Pediatricians claim that thumb sucking does not occur in societies other than Western society where mothers tend to hold their babies for prolonged periods of time. In Western societies children are weaned from their parents at an early age and become anxious. Whatever you do, don’t try to force your child to stop. They may not be ready. Don’t yell at your child. Instead, talk it out with one of your friends.

Stop Her Thumb Sucking
Whatever you do, yelling won’t make her stop sucking her thumb. If anything, it will make her more nervous and probably lead to more thumb sucking. Also, she’ll sneak and do it because she knows she will be punished if she is caught. This kind of behavior leads to dishonesty and fear of authority figures. You want your relationship with your child to be an open and honest one one without secrets. Weaning your child off thumb sucking is a good way to get them started. For instance, try asking your child to not suck their thumb when they are in the public. Make it easy for them so that when it is hardest for them to stop sucking their thumb, they will already be used to not sucking their thumb and more likely to adhere.
Stop His Thumb Sucking
Boys suck their thumbs for the same reason girls suck their thumb. They need to feel secure. Stopping them from sucking their thumb by yelling or punishing them does not work. But there is a way to make them aware of the destruction of thumb sucking. Culturally, boys are made fun of and called sissy if they suck their thumbs. Making him aware of this may deter him and may be a good remedy for his thumb sucking.

Thumb Sucking Guard
A good prevention method for thumb sucking is to put a bad tasting chemical on your child’s thumb. Don’t do it as punishment though, just do it as a reminder of his or her goal of the cessation of thumb sucking. Encourage your child to picture him or herself free of his or her thumb sucking habit. The chemical method is a good device to guard your child from thumb sucking. Whatever you do, don’t give your child negative reinforcement. If the child feels like he is a failure, he will most likely think of himself as a failure instead of seeing that he made a mistake. Lastly, make a game out of it. For instance, every time the child doesn’t suck his or her thumb, put a smiley sticker on the calendar on the refrigerator or a gold star. This will reinforce positive behavior in your child and will go a long way in building his or her self-esteem.