Got Muscle? A Detailed Look at the Human Body Diagram

Muscle Human body diagram OrgansThe Human Body Diagram: The Function of Your OrgansThe human body is amazing. To see a human body diagram, would blow your mind. Why? We take our bodies for granted. We eat, we sleep, and we walk with no problems. Yet, if the slightest thing went awry within the human anatomy, one, some or all of these abilities would be affected. Let’s take a look at the human body diagram and its internal organs. It is easier to understand the functions of our organs by looking at a human body diagram. Our bodies work on a variety of systems. For instance, we have the skeletal system, the muscular system, the digestive system, the nervous system, the cardiovascular system, the female reproductive system, etc. A system is an integrated set of elements. In other words, our nervous system cannot exist on its own. It needs the rest of the body’s systems because it is only part of a whole system. Our organs are what make this system run. The word organ comes from the Latin word organum which means instrument or tool. Our organs are instruments or tools that help our bodies function within the human body diagram.

The Human Body Diagram: What is the Role of Muscle?
The human body diagram consists of muscle. What is muscle? The function of muscle is to produce force and cause motion. The muscle causes the movement of internal organs, like the heart. I bet you didn’t know the heart was a muscle! The muscle also causes movement of various parts of the external body as well. Muscles have 3 categories: skeletal (which controls our limbs), cardiac (which controls our heart or our digestive system which makes the food go through our digestive system), and smooth muscles. The smooth muscles and the cardiac muscle occur without our conscious control and they are necessary to sustain life. Examples of smooth muscle would be our eyes when we blink.

The Human Body Diagram: A Detailed Look at Your Anatomy
The human diagram shows the bones in your body as well as where every bone is placed. Biology classes have the best free human body diagrams where every muscle is outlined and every internal organ is labeled making it easier to understand how the human body functions.

The Human Body Diagram: What Part Does Diet Play in The Development of Healthy Bones in Your Body?What part does diet play in the human body diagram? Well, actually, diet doesn’t play a part in the human body diagram itself, but it does play a part in the development of muscle. Protein is required for the building of muscle. However, the protein must be quality. Lots of people go on high protein diets, but they pick poor proteins, like bacon, pork rinds and other fatty, heart clogging proteins. Why is protein necessary to building muscle? It’s very simple. Muscle is made of protein! But the best kinds of protein to build muscle are the lean kind, like egg whites, salmon, soybeans, turkey, and chicken. You want to stay away from saturated fat and any protein with too much fat. After all, you are what you eat. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables for your carbohydrates instead of pasta and bread. The human body diagram is an excellent way to learn about your body, where your organs are situated, and the way your body works. Having that knowledge may motivate you to eat healthy and build lean muscle.