Do the Side Effects Outweigh The Risks of Testosterone Therapy?

Side Testosterone therapy ReplacementTestosterone Therapy Replacement
There is much debate amongst scientists as to the side effects of testosterone therapy. We know that testosterone is produced in the testes and is responsible for the development of male sex organs as well as the development of male characteristics such as deep voice, facial hair, and development of muscle mass. A reduction in testosterone can be caused by chemotherapy, testicular cancer, or birth defects. Testosterone is responsible for the increase is libido, high energy levels, mood elevation. So it stands to reason that if men have a testosterone deficiency, they will have loss of enjoyment of life considerably. Still, do the side effects outweigh the benefits?

Testosterone Therapy Side Effects
Testosterone therapy involves replacement of the natural male hormone. This can be done orally (via tablets), transdermal (patch), or via injection. As with any medical procedure, there are risks. Your doctor needs to know your medical history, your rate of sexual development at puberty, any erectile dysfunction. In other words, a comprehensive medical review must be done before your doctor determines what kind of treatment to give you.

Testosterone Therapy Effects of Pills
Out of all of the methods one can get testosterone therapy, the pill is by far the most convenience. The pill is widely used and is the preferred method of treatment because of its convenience. The pill is taken anywhere from once to three times a day. Getting an injection three times a day is not fun. But what are the side effects of these pills? A common side effect includes liver damage. Some serious side effects include difficulty breathing, vomiting, nausea, swelling of arms and legs, swelling of tongue, lips and face. These severe reactions are not the norm though.

Testosterone Therapy Hormone
Liver damage is the most common side effect with hormone replacement therapy. Many people believe that natural herbal remedies are better than taking oral pills or the transdermal patch or getting a hormone injection. Which ever method you decide, hormone replacement therapy is a serious decision. For some people, the benefits outweigh the risks. Men get their sex drive back which is extremely important to men in this society. Men identify with their masculinity based on their sexual prowess. So to have their sex life restored is a benefit that most men would die for literally. Just as there are many doctors that participate in testosterone therapy, there are many clinics that specialize in this treatment. It is important to make sure the clinic you go to for treatment is reputable.