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Mag Muscle elegance MagazineMuscle elegance: Muscle elegance is a female bodybuilding magazine founded by the former American bodybuilder Denise Masino and her husband Robert Masino. The magazine in itself is geared towards an adult audience and readers, as it features full frontal nudity of the female body and one must be a minimum of 18 years old to purchase it. While this magazine is not considered to be every ones cup of tea, it does offer the point of view the women bodybuilders. As mentioned earlier the magazine itself is edited by former body builder Denise Masino born on 1st of may 1968 she is a professional body builder from the united states.

Born in Brooklyn new York Masino went on to win her professional card by winning the lightweight class at the 1995 NPC nationals. She has even competed as a professional up till the year 2007 and was even recognized as the night of champions winner in the year 2003. Robert masino Denises ex husband found together the magazine Muscle Elegance, which is an adult magazine featuring erotic pictorial and full frontal nudity of female bodybuilders, the magazine also produces pornographic videos. Although the magazine is considered in some quarters as smut Denise still maintains that it promotes the views of women with muscle. Apart from all this the magazine encourages women to adopt a healthy lifestyle and promotes exercise and bodybuilding as a sport.

The magazine also carries very informative articles on bodybuilding and nutritional tips. Over the year men and women alike have taken to reading the magazine not only for its adult content but also for its extremely informative body building articles.

The magazine contains articles for men who aspire to date or even get into serious relationships with women body builders. The magazine claims that if a person wants to attract a female bodybuilder, or female figure competitor he must focus first on his own inner Game that is he must work on himself first. This is because women with muscle , humor and intelligence apart from being in perfect physical shape and beauty probably attract dozens of proposals daily and for you to have a chance with such a women you need to have more than just looks, and money, you in fact need to have physical fitness to match your woman own physical prowess and should be able to satisfy all her needs from the sexual to the erotic.

Don’t make her turn to the intensity stimulator for this. No man wants to be shown up by a vibrator. Two obstacles that you might face in proving your inner game is firstly self belief, and the other self introspection. This means to admit to yourself that there are aspects to you that need to be worked upon. After you have made these realizations you can then get on working these short comings and eventually full fill your dream of dating muscular and elegant women.

Muscle elegance on the whole is more of a lifestyle magazine for those interested in the subject of body building, and at the same time can work as boost for people to get into body building and physical fitness when they see those nude centre folds full of muscle and looking absolutely gorgeous.